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At HCPA, our pain practitioners provide expertise and individualized care of patients experiencing varying degrees of pain by combining a multi-disciplinary approach and therapies that include medication management, interventional pain management, and physical and behavioral treatments.

The HCPA Staff

Meet HCPA’s combined staff who work hand-in-hand with you and your practitioner.

Pain Doctors in San Antonio

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Pain can be a debilitating condition. Find out about ways to keep it under control.

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Relieving Pain. Restoring Hope.

Back Pain

The etiology of back pain could be strain or tearing of the supporting tissues with intense muscle spasm, a herniation of the disc between the vertebrae, or a fracture of the bony structure of the spine.
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Neck Pain

The sudden onset of pain in the neck can occur after an injury or may appear without a known problem. If the pain is only in the tissues around the spine and does not radiate into the shoulders… Click Here to Read More >>

Pain Treatments

To learn more about treatment options such as medication management and interventional pain therapies,
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HCPA Pain Doctors

Our Mission

To “Relieve Pain and Restore Hope” is Hill Country Pain Associates’ singular focus. Our team of doctors and staff is committed to provide compassionate, personal, and advanced care, so that each patient is given the opportunity to live a better quality of life without pain..
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Pain Education

Pain Management Education

Learn about Pain Management as you watch interactive videos that provide education on conditions as well as treatments.
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